Community voices – a new thing?

communitymemoryterminalPic3We are using the festive break in 2012 to prepare and collate our volunteer handbook for the collection of oral history records, as well as think about how best to deploy our technology in pursuit of our community voices project.

We think that the use of technology for this experience must be a very 21st Century thing. How wrong we were.

The Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, U.S. has a great online display of how computers, from the 1970’s even, were helping communities build and share information.

One online exhibit you can see there, a Community Memory Terminal, was constructed from cardboard, retired office machinery and Velcro. All designed to enable users to add and respond to information provided by residents and visitors in Berkeley, California.

They had real time chat, person-to-person e-mail, and public discussion groups.

In our age of iPhones, PC’s and the ubiquitous web it is refreshing to think that our project, Marham Voices, is but an extension and refinement of an idea that is already over four decades in the past.

Image credit: See a full range of historic images at the Computer History Museum

(This Marham Voices article is part of an occasional series exploring the context and wider connections for community heritage and our project)

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