About Us

What we try to do – as a charity and a heritage project

Our charity exists to provide for the education and social well-being of local residents. Created to work to to deliver community resources and buildings. Alongside projects that meet our aims of social integration, community understanding, community welfare, learning particularly and resources for children and young people.

Charity Tuesday banner, Tintagel

Charity Tuesday banner, Tintagel (Photo credit: HowardLake)

Our charity is made up entirely of volunteers.

We organise community events, foster social enterprise creation, children and young people support activities, welfare activities for less able residents and learning activities. They are funded by by both informal generous donations of time and resources from our supporters, as well as structured formal fund-raising bids – such as the Marham Voices project.

We involve local community members, residents, children and young people in all our activities. Our policies on open access, equality and diversity can be found on our website:www.sandringhamcentre.com


We are working towards building a new community centre.

We provide social enterprise information, advice and guidance to encourage the rural economy.

We have, in secBEANS, an enterprise network for residents.

We offer community groups information, advice and guidance on governance, ethical distribution and best practice for voluntary groups.

These services are all accessible through the Sandringham Enterprise web site.


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